Creating Scheduled Tickets in TeamDynamix




Routine work items can have tickets automatically created at a specified date and time. 


Scheduled Tickets can be configured so that routine work items can have tickets automatically created at a specified regular time and date. They are configured to use a template to prefill data when the ticket is created.

Creating a Scheduled Ticket

  1. Open your TDNext ticketing app
  2. Identify a template to use for the Scheduled Ticket by clicking the gear icon and choosing Templates.  You do not need to open this template.  You will specify it when you create the Scheduled Ticket
    1. The template must have the same classification as the Scheduled Ticket will have
    2. You can also create a new template as follows: 
      1. Click the gear icon, choose New Ticket Template, and fill in the fields.  For further details, see TeamDynamix: Task Templates, Response Templates, Ticket Templates 
      2. It is also possible to create a new template during the creation process for a new Scheduled Ticket
  3. Click the gear icon and choose New Scheduled ticket 
  4. Explanations of fields:
  • Name (required): The ticket name that will be used when these tickets are created
  • Schedule (required): Specify how frequently a ticket will be created. In all cases, users are required to specify a Time at which the ticket will be created for the schedule. 
  • Daily: Specify the frequency and when the schedule begins.
  • Weekly: Select the frequency, which days of the week and ticket will be generated, and when the schedule begins.
  • Monthly: Specify which day of the month and the frequency of months, and when the schedule begins.  
  • Yearly: Specify which day and which month, the frequency, and when to begin.  
  • Is Active?: Whether or not a Scheduled Ticket is active.  Note:  Any tickets skipped during the period of inactivity will NOT be created retroactively
  • Template (required): The template used to create the Scheduled ticket. Only templates with the associated classification are selectable in this field. For this reason, a classification must be selected before you can select a template. (There is also a + icon next to this field so that users can create new ticket templates that are associated with the selected Classification)
  1. Click Save

Modifying a Scheduled Ticket

Scheduled Tickets can only be modified by the Scheduled Ticket owner, a new owner to which the Scheduled Ticket has been transferred, or admin.  

  1. To modify, find the Scheduled Ticket by clicking the gear icon and choosing Schedules
  2. Open the Scheduled Ticket
  3. Click Edit and make the changes 
  4. Click Save

Additional Information

Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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