Creating Ticket Templates and requesting Task and Response Templates




Ticket Templates

  • All users who have access to TDNext & a ticketing application (e.g. ITS-Tickets) will be able to create ticket templates for that application 
  • Ticket templates allow users to quickly create a ticket for frequently-encountered work items that do not occur on a routine schedule 
    • For example, service desk technicians may want to have a routine ticket that is created whenever they receive a phone call for a common issue
  • Ticket Templates input pre-defined values into specified form fields
  • Can only be applied at ticket creation

Task Templates

  • Need to request that the Service Support Team create these for you
  • Automate repetitive task creation with 1+ predefined tasks
  • Save time and improve operational efficiency by creating and enforcing consistency and clarity of tasks for tickets
  • Control & maintain task sequence
  • Are available to all Technicians within a Ticketing application 

Response Templates

  • Need to request that the Service Support Team create these for you
  • Can be applied to "comments" on tickets and ticket task updates
  • Can utilize some dynamic content such as "requestor" or other variables


Create a Ticket Template

  1. Click the (Gear) icon in the top right corner secondary header bar
  2. Click New Ticket Template option in the menu

Create a Task or Response Template

Note:  Templates are created with the rich text editor.

Additional Information

Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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