TeamDynamix 11.5 Updates to PPM 08/06/2022




TeamDynamix is upgrading from version 11.4 to version 11.5 on Saturday 8/6/2022. A summary of the immediate impacts to the PPM service will be provided.


Enhancements / What is Changing

TeamDynamix Version 11.5 complete vendor Release Notes:

The full release notes include everything that is being enhanced in the platform, but some of these project management features are not currently utilized by U-M. Below are the items that are relevant to the PPM service implemented by ITS at U-M:

  1. Projects/Workspaces app is now two different applications

    • Day 1 impact - Any Workspaces that were created by the ITS Project Management Office or your unit's PPM Project Lead  prior to 8/6/22 can only be accessed via the new Workspaces application which is accessible via the application menu in the top left

  2. Workspaces application has a new look and new capabilities

  • Day 1 impact - Any current TeamDynamix Projects/Workspaces user will be able to access the Workspaces application on day 1 but will be empty if they are not a member of a workspace on go live
  • Only the ITS Project Management Office or your unit PPM Project Lead can create new projects and new workspaces in TeamDynamix
  1. The Time and Expenses application is now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant 

  2. Project status reporting and project comments have rich text.

    • Note: Rich text formatting will only appear in the status report in the application and emails generated from the comments. Reports that are run on the "Status Comments" field will have the rich text removed and remain static. ​​

Additional Information

For TeamDynamix PPM-specific questions contact the TeamDynamix PPM Support. 

For other TeamDynamix questions submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.


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