TeamDynamix Proxied Email Replies




Three actions occur when a user responds to a TeamDynamix email notification with an email address that's not in the notify list and/or is an external address:

  1. The name that appears with the reply in the ticket's feed will be 'Email Service' (or with the prefix, such as 'LSA Email Service', 'SSC Email Service', etc.) instead of the user's name
    1. This occurs when the system cannot match the email address of the sender to anyone in the notify list or if it sees an external email address, it will proxy, i.e., take over the mail transfer, and the default name 'Email Service' will appear as the sender
  2. The user may not receive future email notifications from the ticket
  3. When an external email address is used, the user sending the reply will receive an email notification of their own reply


It is possible to prevent problems #1 and #2 above:  An address not in the notify list needs to be manually added to the notify. If updating from within TDNext, the ticket should be updated to either include the user's 'from' address, or include the external email address in the 'Other Email Addresses' box.

Note that external users will always get proxied, but adding their external address to the Other Email Addresses box will ensure that they get notified of future replies in the field.

Additional Information

We have submitted an enhancement request with TeamDynamix to make the screen text and help about this more clear.

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