Locate and Bulk Reassign Tickets Closed Without a Resp Group (or Prim Resp) in TeamDynamix


ITS Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix


In order to accurately capture tickets resolved by folks working Front Line Support rotations, all of those tickets must have ITS-FrontLineSupport/[NIT person who closed the ticket] listed as responsible. If an FLS staff person takes a ticket before assigning the ticket to ITS-FrontLineSupport, it will not show up in the Front Line Support reporting as a ticket handled by NIT staff.  If they assign the ticket to ITS-FrontLineSupport, but fail to take it, they won't get credit for closing the ticket in regular reporting.


For tickets with no Responsible Group, follow steps 1-3; tickets lacking a Primary Responsible user can be resolved by starting at Step 3.


Step 1: Search for the tickets resolved by you that have no group affiliation

  1. In TDNext (the ITS Tickets application), in the left-hand navigation bar, click on the heading/hyperlink for Tickets.
  2. In the upper right of the Tickets window, click the green funnel Icon to search within the tickets.
    • In the General section under "Current Status" make sure ONLY the box by "Closed" is checked. 
    • Scroll down to the Responsibility section and check the box for "Group unassigned."
    • Scroll down to the Dates/Updates section and put the desired uniqname in "Closed By."
  3. Scroll all the way to the top and click the green "Apply" button.

Step 2: Bulk Update the tickets

  1. Now that the tickets are listed in the search window, tick the checkbox to the left of each ticket needing update.
  2. From the Actions pulldown, choose Reassign and choose the appropriate responsible group, such as ITS-FrontLineSupport. 
    NOTE: This will remove the tickets from the search results. Do not panic.

Step 3: Search and Update Again to Assign someone as Primary Responsible

  1. Following instruction 2 in Step 1, search for tickets closed by the desired uniqname with the correct assignment group and check the box for "Only Person Unassigned." This should return a list of the same tickets as before.
  2. Check the boxes to select the relevant tickets and reassign them to the correct Person Responsible.
  3. When viewed in a report or search results, the tickets shoule now reflect the Pri Resp as [Resp Group] / [Prim Resp] or ITS-FrontLineSupport / Amy Hamermesh (for example).  

Additional Information

If the tickets still reflect only a person and not a group under Pri Resp it is likely that the Responsible Individual is not a member of the desired group.  For example, if they are not a member of the TDX-ITS-Front Line Support group, tickets will have ITS-FrontLineSupport removed from the responsible group when being reassigned to that individual.  TeamDynamix syncs with MCommunity only once per 24 hours, overnight.  The MCommunity group must be updated and the whole process repeated the next day.


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