Adding and Searching for Comments in a TeamDynamix Ticket




A technician working on a TeamDynamix ticket can add comments and can search for comments, updates and edits in the feed. Ticket contacts may be individuals or groups, and different action is needed for groups.


To add comments to a TeamDynamix ticket:

  1. Open the ticket
  2. Click Actions > Update
    1. The Update Ticket window will appear
    2. Note: There is also an Update button above the ticket Feed section
  3. Enter comments
  4. The Comments box defaults to private
    1. If you want customers to see the comment(s) in their ‘view my tickets’ view on the Portal, uncheck the 'Make comments private' box
  5. To send an email notification to others about the update to the ticket, select their name(s) in the Notification field, or click the people icon to pre-populate the field and remove those you don’t want to email (such as the Reviewing Group, which usually does not need to be notified for incidents and requests)
    1. You can also choose to notify other people or email addresses not associated with the ticket
    2. All addresses must be separated by commas
  6. Click Save
    1. Your update will be added to the Feed section of the ticket and email notifications will be sent accordingly.

Communicating to a (non-TDX) group address within a TDX Ticket

Send a TDX notification to a group address from a ticket 

  • If the group is an MCommunity Group: Add each MCommunity group member as a Contact to the ticket using the People tab
    • Select individuals as 'contacts' when adding a comment/update and notify all
  • Go to Actions > Update > Add Comment > Add the group address to the ‘Other Email Addresses’ field

Reply to the specific feed that notified a group address. It will notify all addresses listed in the ‘Notified’ list.

  • Reply to the TDX notification email sent from the initial feed(includes the external address in the notified list of the feed)
  • Use the Comment link in the specific feed that was sent to the external address.

Searching Ticket Comments 

To search for comments and updates in a TeamDynamix ticket:

  1. In the feed section of a ticket, choose Communications (All feed entries are selected by default, which include updates from systems and automations)
  2. Check the box for Comments, uncheck Edits and Status Changes
  3. Click Apply.

Additional Information

Learn more about how comments and emails work in TDX: Knowledge Article #1410 TeamDynamix Notifications: Expected Behavior of Email and Feeds.

Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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