Create a Report on Surveys in TeamDynamix


  • TeamDynamix
  • Users of the ITS Tickets application in TeamDynamix


How to create a report in TeamDynamix, showing customer responses to the satisfaction surveys that ITS sends once tickets are closed


  1. Log into and navigate to your tickets application 
  2. Click +Report then Report, to create a new report
  3. Select Survey Response Report
  4. Fill out the name for the report, and optionally a description
  5. Select the columns you would like to see; use the default columns or update as needed
  6. Set filters according to your preference. For example:
    1. Column: Parent Ticket > Pri Resp Group
    2. Operator: is one of
    3. Value(s): ITS-DataCenterOperations
  7. Set additional options and fields for the report based on your preferences
  8. Save or Save and Run

Additional Information

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