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How to create a list of the most popular articles for TeamDynamix apps outside of ITS.


You can create a list of the most popular knowledge articles for a TeamDynamix app by creating a report.  

  1. In your ticketing app, click +Report
  2. Choose Knowledge Base Report
  3. Name the report, e.g., "Popular Knowledge Base Articles"
  4. Add a description
  5. In the "Select the columns you would like to see," choose Subject for a column
  6. Choose Read by for a column
    1. For the Aggregate,choose Maximum
  7. Remove all other columns
  8. In the "Add filtering to your report" section, under Column, select Read by and greater than  
    1. Add a value for the minimum number of times the article was read
  9. Under Column, select Client Portal(s)
    1. Then click the search icon, choose your ticketing app, and click Insert
  10. In the "Order your report," choose Read by and Descending
  11. Click Save and Run

If you need to make a change after saving, click the Actions dropdown menu and choose Edit.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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