Planning a Change in TeamDynamix




How do I plan a change in TeamDynamix?


An IT Service Management change is an update to an application, system, or piece of infrastructure. Examples include system upgrades, application releases, or server configurations. To reduce the impact on customers, changes normally occur during the service's established maintenance window and outside maintenance freezes. Changes may need to be approved, and approval requirements vary according to the change type. Routine changes typically do not require approval. Technical leadership approval is assumed. Comprehensive changes must be approved in advance. This type has required fields that provide information about the change, including reason, risk, mitigation, and communication plans. Emergency changes may proceed before approval is recorded, but these changes must be communicated. 

Create the change record at least two weeks prior to the planned change timing. Higher risk changes require planning and coordination with other changes and may need to be reviewed by the Change Advisory Board. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  During the Change Management process, you are required to attend weekly ITS Release Meetings.  Most managers already have these meetings scheduled on their calendars. 

If the implementation dates are not known but planning has begun, create a change record to document the change as planning progresses. To help determine the timing and avoid conflicts, check the U-M Academic Calendar, the ITS Production Freezes Calendar, and the TeamDynamix Ticket Calendar. Once the planned implementation dates are known, add a maintenance activity: 

  1. Open the Change record.
  2. Click +Add, then select Maintenance Activity.
  3. Complete the required fields, including selecting the start and due date/time of the planned change.
  4. Click Save.

Note: When working with Comprehensive changes, selecting Comprehensive as the Change Type assigns a workflow that includes an approval by the change approval group for the service.

Additional Information

See The ITS Change Advisory Board for more information.

For assistance, submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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