Moving Email Requests/Response from Personal Emails Directly to TeamDynamix


Email and TeamDynamix


Customer directly emails the technician (agent) and the technician (agent) would like to move that email into TeamDynamix.


This is possible to do, but Not Recommended, as it works in a deprecated fashion.  

  • If a user (requestor) sends an email to a support person’s individual email address, the support person can respond to the requestor and cc the email associated with their TeamDynamix neighbor. A TeamDynamix email monitor can be set-up to handle the cc’d TeamDynamix e-mail by routing a copy of the user request into TeamDynamix to create a ticket.


  1. If the requestor forwards the support person’s response and/or responds directly back to the support person and continues to ccthe TeamDynamix email address, TeamDynamix will create another ticket(s) for the same issue.
  2. When a ticket is created in this fashion, the requestor field is populated with the cc’d TeamDynamix email versus the information for the user that made the request. In addition, the TeamDynamix ticket does not capture anyone else reference/copied on the initial request from the user. Tickets often don't make sense in this condition adding stress, time and a resulting poor experience for customers and TeamDynamix technicians alike.

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