CC'd TeamDynamix Email Recipients are Added as Contacts


TeamDynamix Ticketing applications. This setting can be turned on or off by the application administrators for each individual TeamDynamix Ticketing application. This setting was turned on in ITS TIckets 6/9/22


How to see who was CC'd on a TeamDynamix Ticket


  • The TeamDynamix Application Level Setting will add CC'd recipients of an email as contact(s) to a ticket if the email address matches an existing TeamDynamix user record
  • The alternate email address is also included
  • Contacts will appear if you select the "Notify" field when updating a ticket
    • This will allow Technicians to chose whether or not to include contacts added via CC to a ticket notification
    • A feed entry will be added to the ticket indicating which user(s) was added as a contact

The setting applies to ticket creation and ticket replies.

  • Individuals added because they were CC'd on an email that created a ticket will have a feed entry from "Email Service" indicating the names of the individual(s) added as a contact
  • Individuals added because they were CC'd on an email reply to a TDX ticket will have a feed entry from "Replies Email Service" to indicate the individual(s) were added as contacts

This setting will not add BCC'd recipients, groups, nor addresses that are not part on the TDX 'People' tab as an email or alternate email. 

This setting will also not add recipients in the TO field.

Additional Information

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