Working with Tasks in TeamDynamix




Technicians occasionally have to work with tasks in TeamDynamix


If a ticket needs several processes to happen before it can be closed, a technician can add tasks instead of creating a new Incident or reassigning a ticket. 

One technician keeps the responsibility while other units complete necessary tasks. The responsible technician must still provide services and communicate with the client. 

A ticket’s tasks appear on the right side and display in your work just like an Incident. Tasks can be dependent on each other or stand alone.  

Creating a Task 

  1. Click the title of the ticket you’d like to add a task to
  2. Click +Add from the General Tab


  1. Click the Tasks/Activities tab
  2. Click +Add and select Task from the drop-down menu 
    1. Enter a short description of the task in the Title field
    2. Enter the Responsible person or group
    3. Click Save

Updating a Task 

Use the Update feature for changes in tasks such as percent complete, adding comments, and adding notifications. 

  1. Click the Tasks/Activities tab
  2. Click Update 

Deleting Tasks 

Click the Tasks/Activities tab to open the tasks window and click Delete All Tasks

Task Templates 

A task template is a predefined series of tasks used regularly. At times, task templates will be available for certain repeated tasks. To have a task template created, please submit a TeamDynamix request.

Additional Information

 See also:  Showing Your Group's Tasks and Tickets on Your TeamDynamix Desktop

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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