Email Someone Who is not the Requestor on a TeamDynamix Ticket


Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix, TDX Technicians


How to send emails to people who are not the TeamDynamix ticket's requestor. This is useful when needing approvals or to communicate with people who are not the requestor, but you want the information to be linked in the ticket. 


  1. With the ticket open, click the Actions tab and select Update
  2. In the update form that opens
    1. The field "Notify Other People" is for people at U-M who are not the ticket's requestor
    2. The "Other Email Addresses" field is for people outside U-M
  3. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma

Additional Information

As of 5/13/23, TDX admins can turn on a feature so TDX email notifications include a list of all others who also received that email notification.

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