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How do I request a Responsible Group in TeamDynamix, and what are the naming conventions and restrictions for TeamDynamix groups?


Use the following form to request a new Responsible Group in TeamDynamix

Naming Conventions and Restrictions

Groups within TeamDynamix are global, so group names should begin with the university organizational acronym followed by a dash; example ITS-, LSA-, SSC-.

Names for TeamDynamix groups are created in concert with ITS MCommunity groups. As a result, the names of groups must adhere to the following restrictions to meet both applications:

  • Must be between 9 and 60 characters long
  • Can contain any letter or number
  • Cannot contain spaces or single quote marks (') or parentheses ()
  • Can contain dashes (-)
  • Should be descriptive and easy to read
  • Cannot contain other special characters, such as dots (.), slashes (/ \), or ampersands (&)
  • Cannot end in the word "-request" or "-requests" because it conflicts with mail routing auto-replies that include "-request"
  • Cannot end in the word "-error" or "-errors" because it conflicts with mail headers that include "-errors"
  • Cannot contain "TDX-"

Additional Information

  • Groups cannot be renamed within MCommunity. If a name change is desired within TeamDynamix, a new group must be requested.
  • Group names in MCommunity display as TDX-prefix-groupname. The corresponding group in TDX is prefix-groupname.
  • TeamDynamix and MCommunity sync together at 6am and 6pm.

For additional information, submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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This form can be used to request a new group or remove an existing group. A new group will be created in both TeamDynamix and MCommunity.  The two groups will be synced.  Removal of an existing group only applies to TeamDynamix and group owner(s) are responsible for removing the group from MCommunity.