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How to embed a video, either from YouTube or a non-YouTube source, into a TeamDynamix knowledge article.


There are two methods to embed a video, depending on the source of the video:

Embedding a YouTube Video

  1. Go to YouTube.
  2. Locate the desired video.
  3. Click the Share icon.
  4. Click the Embed button.
  5. In the Embed Video dialog window click the Copy button in the lower right corner.
  6. Go to the Knowledge Base article you want to edit.
  7. Click Edit Article button.
  8. Place the cursor in the location desired for the video to be inserted.
  9. Click the Embed YouTube video button.
  10. Uncheck Show suggested videos at video's end.

Embedding a Non-YouTube Video

Note: Due to security restrictions, not all non-YouTube videos will work correctly.  

  1. Copy the embed code from the video source.
  2. Go to the Knowledge Base article you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit Article button.
  4. Click on Source.
  5. Drop the embed code where you like in the article.
  6. Update the article.

Additional Information

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