Attaching Dropbox Files to TeamDynamix Tickets


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How can I attach files stored in Dropbox to a TeamDynamix ticket?
How can I attach files to a TeamDynamix ticket in a way, so that only specific individuals can see it rather than anyone with access to the TeamDynamix ticket?


Files stored in Dropbox can be attached directly to TeamDynamix tickets by following the steps below:

  1. Open the TeamDynamix ticket that need the Dropbox file(s) attached
  2. Click the + in the top-right corner of the "Attachments" section of the ticket
  3. Select "from Dropbox" in the "Add Attachments" window
  4. Click the "Select from Dropbox" button in the "Add Dropbox Attachments" window
  5. A new window will open to sign in to Dropbox. Proceed with logging in
  6. Select the Dropbox file(s) that need to be attached to the ticket
  7. Click the "Choose" button in the bottom right corner once the applicable Dropbox files are selected
  8. The window will close and a green banner should appear in the "Add Dropbox Attachments" window indicating the file was uploaded successfully
  9. Close the "Add Dropbox Attachments" window
  10. The Dropbox file(s) should now be listed in the "Attachments" section of the ticket

Additional Information

Clicking the attached file should open a new tab/window in the web browser directing to the Dropbox Preview page for the file. The individual(s) attempting to view the attached Dropbox file(s) will need the file(s) shared with them directly in Dropbox, since the Dropbox file permissions are retained. They will also need to log in to the U-M Dropbox website prior to opening the attached files; otherwise an access denied error will occur.

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