Configuring TeamDynamix Service Offerings




TeamDynamix Admin need to be familiar with Service Offerings and how they are configured.


In TeamDynamix, Service Offerings are a component of a Service, which include their own details, their own form and settings, and their own configuration item and relationships. Each service can be directly requestable or can have one or more service offerings. In order to create or manage service offerings, a user must have the Modify Service Offerings permission on their client portal security role, and must be able to edit the parent Service.

Updating the Security Role 

The Application Administrator must enable the role they use to configure service offerings.

  1. Log in to the Client Portal Admin environment
  2. Select the security role you use to configure the portal
  3. Check the Modify Service Offerings role to add that access

The Modify Service Offerings role allows a user to create and modify Service Offerings from the Services application. The user must also be able to edit the parent Service. This permission requires the View Service Catalog permission and TDNext access.

Creating and Managing Service Offerings

It’s a good idea to make a copy of your current service form prior to making changes to create a new offering. There is an option to select for TeamDynamix to copy it that you can use if you would like (see step #6 below). 

Create a Service Offering

  1. Navigate to the service that you want to add a Service Offering to in the client portal application where the service is defined
  2. Click the New Service Offering button
  3. In the New Service Offering page, enter the details of the Service Offering. Most of these fields behave the same as on a Service, and some are read-only because they inherit their value from the parent service
  4. In the Request Application/Type field, select your application. Use the magnifying class to select the types
    1. The type is now only on the service offering level and is no longer defined for the service
  5. Enter the Request Service Offering text. This field is required for Service Offerings so that the system can show a different request button for each Service Offering
    1. You can add an icon if you want or you can leave the arrow icon as the default 
  6. If you are creating the first Service Offering for a Service, choose whether to copy the Form Settings from the service
    1. If you click Copy form and settings from the parent service, the system creates a new form as a copy of the original service form
    2. If you do not select this option, your original service form is deleted
  • You can select to notify the Requestor and Responsible Resource if needed 
  • If a workflow applies when the ticket is created, select the workflow
  1. Click Save

Once created, as with a Service, you can edit the Service Offering to change most of its settings. A user can edit the Service Offering if they have the Manage Service Offerings permission or they are defined as the Service Offering Manager. 
If the service has a maintenance window defined, it remains after the Service Offering is created. You can specify specific maintenance windows for Service Offerings.

Service Offerings in the Client Portal

Once a Service Offering has been created, the Service will no longer be directly requestable. Instead the Service Details page will include a button to directly request each of its Service Offerings and a link to each Service Offering's own Detail page. Both Services and Service Offerings can be added as favorites, and both appear in My Recently Visited Services and in Search results. Service Offerings cannot be the target of a shortcut, but Services that have Service Offerings can still be shortcut targets. 

Important Notes:

  • Once the offering is created, users can’t directly request the service from the request button. Be sure to provide links to the service offering form(s)
  • If you need to remove an offering, you first need to remove everything associated with the service offering, such as tickets or ticket tasks
    • You can deactivate the service offering, but it still appears in the portal, just as inactive
  • You can’t associate a service offering with a different service
    • The service offering would need to be removed from the current service, then recreated for the other service if needed

Service Offerings in TDNext

When a Service Offering is created a Configuration Item is automatically created using the "Service Offering" CI type. A parent/child CI Relationship is automatically generated and maintained between the Service and its Service Offerings. Service Offerings are reportable using the Service Offering report source in Analysis and Service Offering columns in other report sources. 

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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