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Some fields in forms retain values after the classification of the form has been changed.


Sticky fields

Nearly all fields in TDX forms are "sticky" fields.  Sticky fields retain their value when you change a form from one classification to another.

These are useful both for convenience and for saving form values as references for TDX users.  Fields that are necessary for creating tickets, such as Title, Requestor, Account/Department, Service and Type, are always sticky.

Unsticking sticky fields

When creating a ticket, if you do not want a field's value to carry over when you change a form to a different classification, click Reset and the new form's default values will be applied.

  1. Open a new ticket.
  2. Change the classification of the ticket by clicking the down arrow in the first field --  the "Form" field -- and choosing a new classification.
  3. To replace the previous classification's default values with the new classification's values, click Reset to the right of the "Form" field.

Sticky fields in forms that have been saved

When you reclassify a saved form, if the original form has values (information in the fields) that are not on the reclassified form, the reclassified form's default values are automatically applied. The default values that are applied are listed near the bottom of the reclassified ticket. With some sticky fields, it's possible to type in a new value.

If the original form has fields that are not on the reclassified form, these fields and the values in them will be listed near the bottom of the reclassified ticket.

Additional Information

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