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Understanding what My Assignments is and how it works


My Assignments lists all tickets that are assigned both to you and your group.  

To see My Assignments:
  1. Open the ticketing tab in your Ticketing App.  
  2. Click the My Work tab.   (If you do not see a My Work tab, go to the Client Portal and click the My Work button. After that you will see the My Work tab.)
  3. Click My Assignments in the left-hand menu.  
There are two ways to see tickets that are only assigned to you and not to your group:
  1. With My Assignments open, click the toggle at the top to uncheck "Show Group Assignments."
  2. Move tickets assigned only to you to My Work.  To do this, either open My Assignments and click +My Work under a ticket's title, or open a ticket in My Assignments and choose Add to My Work under Actions.

Additional Information

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