TeamDynamix Bulk Update Tickets: Assign to New group, Comment, Update, Associate Asset and More


TeamDynamix Ticketing Applications


Identify and update tickets that all need similar updates (such as reassigning to a different group)


Step 1: Navigate to the Ticket Search area

  1. Click on the Applications Menu (top left, below "University of Michigan") in TDX.
  2. Select your ticketing app. 

Location of Applications Menu and ITS ticket button


Step 2: Search for the tickets 

  1. In TDNext (the ticketing application), in the left-hand navigation bar, click on the heading/hyperlink for Tickets.
  2. In the upper right of the Tickets window, click the green funnel icon to search within the tickets.
    1. Set the criteria to match the tickets you are looking for.
  3. Scroll all the way to the top and click the green "Apply" button.

Tickets header and filter button locations

Step 2: Bulk Update the tickets

  1. Now that the tickets are listed in the search window, tick the checkbox to the left of each ticket that needs updating.
  2. From the Actions pull-down, select the appropriate action.
    1. Assign and choose the appropriate responsible group, such as ITS-FrontLineSupport. 
    2. Comment
    3. Update
    4. Associate Assets/CIs
    5. Associate KB article
    6. Associate Tags
  3. Add the new info (new group, comment, asset, etc).
  4. Save

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