TeamDynamix - Changing a Ticket Classification


ITS Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix


How to change an incorrectly classified TeamDynamix ticket. Classifications are: Incident, Request, Change, Problem, Major Incident


In a ticket:

  1. Actions -> Edit Classification 
  2. Select New Classification and Save
  3. Edit -> Update "Form" to be a type of form to match the new classification (ie Incident Form, Request Form)
  4. Save

Additional Information

  • Some forms have custom fields or language, so adjusting the form to match the classification will ensure that form has the right info. 
  • When updating the classification to Change, use Actions-Assign Workflow to attach the Change Workflow.
  • If a ticket has a workflow attached, it may need to be removed before you can update the Classification (Actions -> Remove Workflow)

Video about Ticket Classifications: TeamDynamix - Forms Ticket Classifications (Subtitled)

For more information, submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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