Creating a Ticket or Knowledge Report in TeamDynamix




Information about how to create a report in TeamDynamix.


  1. Go to and click Users
  2. Click the ITS Tickets tab
  • Hint:  Click Help in the horizontal menubar for more information
  1. Click +Report
  2. Choose the type of report
  3. Add a name and a description
  4. Specify the following:
  • Choose columns
    • Different options will show up depending on what type of report you have chosen
  • Options include
    • All standard TeamDynamix fields
    • Custom attributes for your organization
    • Other crucial filtering options
    • For selected report columns, you can optionally select a way to aggregate the data at the bottom of the report. Available options are average, minimum, maximum, and sum
    • Ticket options include KPI (key performance indicator) calculations and active issues (linked, or not linked) 
  • Set any filtering fields
    • Different options will show up depending on what type of report you have chosen 
    • Available ticket fields include
      • All standard TeamDynamix fields (Created By, Is a Member of. Is not a member of) 
      • Custom attributes or KPIs for your organization
      • Select the appropriate operator for filtering (variably, “is one of” or “is not one of” OR equals, less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, not equal to). 
      • If you check the “Prompt” box next to a filter, you will be able to edit/set that filter at the top of the report when you run it, without needing to rebuild the report.
      • You can choose multiple filters, and use the advanced filtering options to set Boolean AND or OR filters. For example, "(1 OR 2) AND 3."
  • Order the report
    • You can choose multiple order-by fields
  • Specify the maximum number of rows
  • Select a folder where the report will be saved
    • To create a new folder, click the plus sign to the right of the field
    • Specify visibility, i.e., who will be able to see the report
  • Choose the type of chart
  • Under visibility you can choose to be the owner yourself or have it be owned by someone else and/or a group.
  • Add any additional attributes in the form
  1. Optional:  Add email delivery and specify the frequency, time, format and recipients
  • Note: Email recipients must be TeamDynamix users.
  • The creator of the schedule must be listed as a user or a group member in the visibility section.
  • Emailed report delivery is managed by a server-side process job which runs at 15 minute intervals. A report delivery could take between 15-30 minutes depending on when the delivery configuration is created and the timing of the last processor job
  1. Click Save or Save and Run in the horizontal menubar along the top

The report will appear in the left-hand navigator. Clicking on the report will allow the report to run, along with other actions under the "Actions" button menu. 

If you hid the report in the left-hand navigator, you can navigate to it by clicking on the folder title in the left navigator. If you did not put it in a folder, it will live in the folder named after the source (e.g., ticket reports will live in the Tickets Reports folder).

Additional Information

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