Fixing Email Loops in TeamDynamix




An email created a loop generating multiple tickets for the email.


TeamDynamix Technicians: Route Ticket Loops from Email

  1. If a ticket is reported to be in a loop for a specific address. 
  2. There is a ticket currently in a loop from a specific address(Requestor’s email address)

To determine which team can help resolve this loop reference the knowledge article: TeamDynamix Application Email Display Names: From, From-Display, Reply-To to view the list of custom From addresses mapped to the specific applications. Route the ticket to the appropriate application.

TeamDynamix Admins:

If you don’t know which TDX mailbox contains the email causing the loop, you will need to search within each TDX email monitor of your application.

  1. Copy the ticket number of one of the tickets that was generated
  2. Go to TDAdminEmailEmail Monitors
  3. Open the specific email monitor for the mailbox/email causing the loop
  4. Click on the Log tab
  5. Enter the ticket number in the search bar
  6. Once the ticket is found in the specific email monitor, copy the email ID:

In the following example, the text (email ID) within the square brackets that is both bold and italicized is what you need to copy: 

Created ticket [1709130] from email id [] with subject [Fwd: Broken link on website].

  1. Log into the TDX Google mailbox of that email monitor using the neighbor admin spreadsheet that has been shared with the mailbox app admins.
  2. In the search bar of the mailbox, enter Rfc822msgid:email ID, like this:

  1. Hit Enter
    1. This will bring up the specific email that created the ticket
  2. Open the email and confirm that it is the correct email
  3. If there IS an existing filter to move emails to the System Loops label:
    1. Go to the specific filter and click Edit
    2. Add the from email address or specific condition to the filter
    3. Click Continue
    4. Click Update filter
  4. If there is NOT an existing filter to move emails to the System Loops label: 
    1. Click on the ellipsis by the reply button of the email found in step 9, and then click Filter messages like this
    2. Click Create Filter
    3. Check both Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label System Loop
    4. Click the Create filter button

You can view all filters by going to the settings gear in top right corner and choosing See all settingsFilters and Blocked Addresses

Additional Information

Questions or need help with TeamDynamix? Submit a request ticket to the Service Management Team.

Need additional technical information or assistance? Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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