TeamDynamix Forms and Attribute Standards and Naming Conventions




Are there forms and attribute standards and naming conventions for TeamDynamix?



Include the prefix of the application and the service name.

  •  Example:  ITS-API Directory Access Request - Form


Include part/full service name in the default field name of the attribute.

  • Example:  api_directory_ + <‘custom attribute name>
  • The Header Text label is the attribute name viewable in reports.  Enter this value in TDXAdmin –> Attributes.  Try to decipher based on the service/form name too, otherwise if you name multiple attributes with the same text then users won’t know which one to select when creating a report.  We use the ‘Default Field Name’ for it



Include the prefix with the application. 

  • Example:  ITS-API Directory Access Request


Multiple forms

If there is an attribute that will be used on multiple forms, use a standard naming convention, such as generic_ , as a prefix.

Requestor Template

This is a form that contains requestor information. 

  • When creating a new form, select Create a new form using an existing Shared Form and select the Requestor Template Form. Then build your custom form from there. It's useful to have all the requestor information ready to go and to be consistent.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support

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