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How do I improve the prompts I enter in U-M GPT?


Constructing effective prompts for U-M GPT can significantly enhance the quality and relevance of the responses. Leveraging the model's vast knowledge and comprehension capabilities requires thoughtful prompting, especially when the goal is to elicit specific, accurate, and detailed answers.

Be Clear and Specific

Avoid Ambiguity: Phrase your questions in a manner that is straight-forward and precise. For example, instead of asking "Tell me about Apple?", specify whether you're referring to the fruit or the tech company.
Request Detail: If you need in-depth answers, explicitly ask for them. E.g., "Can you provide a detailed explanation of photosynthesis?"

Frame Your Context

Provide Background: If your query builds on prior information, provide a concise background. This guides the model to a more relevant response.
Use Specific Formats: Directly ask for the type of answer you want. If you're looking for a bullet-pointed list, a brief summary, or a debate-style pros and cons, mention that in your prompt.

Experiment with Iterative Questions

Build a Conversation: Instead of asking everything in one prompt, try breaking your questions into a series of shorter prompts. This approach can help in navigating the model towards the desired information.

Limit Potential Biases

Neutral Language: Frame questions neutrally to reduce potential biases in responses. Instead of "Why is nuclear energy bad?", try "What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy?"

Iterate and Refine

Analyze and Adapt: Examine the responses you receive. If they aren’t what you expected or wanted, refine your prompt and try again.

Effective prompting is both an art and a science. By understanding the capabilities and limitations of U-M GPT and practicing deliberate prompt construction, you will have more successful and productive interactions. For a deeper dive into mastering the art of prompting, consider enrolling in the online course Generative AI Prompt Literacy. Equip yourself with the skills to get the most out of U-M GPT.

Additional Information

See GenAI website - Prompt Literacy Info for more in-depth information. 

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