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Digital Signage


Using the templates that Digital Signage team has created and posted on the template website.


Pre-built templates are available from the Digital Signage service website. To download and use one on your sign, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the templates website
  2. Use the filter on the left hand side of the page to select a template that fits your signs orientation, portrait, landscape or both
    • Note: some of the downloads from the templates page contain both a portrait and landscape version of the same template or multiple versions of the same template with a different color theme
  3. Click on the download button under the name of the template you would like to use
  4. You need to move the newly downloaded template from your local drive into your shared digital signage storage drive on the remote desktop server
    • If you have already mapped the drive, you can drag the download from your downloads folder directly into your shared storage
    • If you have not mapped the drive yet, find the directions to do so here for a Mac computer and here for a Windows PC
  5. Access the Digital Signage remote desktop and log-in to content manager
  6. Select the Templates tab
  7. Navigate to your departments templates folder and right-click
  8. Selected Import
  9. A new window will pop up with all the templates available in your network storage drive, select the template you downloaded and wish to use on your sign
  10. Click on the button in the bottom right of the new window that says Open
  11. A new window will appear with the list of included templates you are importing (remember, many of the templates include a portrait and a landscape version of the template to fit departmental needs)
    • If you only want a single version of a template, say the portrait version, you can choose not to import the landscape version by clicking on the check mark next to the template name in the top window. The checkmark will disappear and that template will not be imported. 
  12. Click OK
  13. A new window will appear
    1. On the right hand side of this window change the drop down menu from Ignore to Copy
    2. Repeat this for each template 
      • This new window claims there are 'import conflicts' because the templates already exist in FourWinds in the digital signage administration folder
      • You are adding them to your folder, so we need to copy these templates into your folder
  14. The pre-built templates have now been added to your templates folder
    1. You can right click on the template and select Edit [name of template here] to change the regions and layout
    2. Or you can drag and drop the template on to your sign and the right-click on the name of the template on your sign and select Edit Source Template to adjust the template and the display to your needs

Additional Information

You will have downloaded a template, not the content on the template. The template will not display any content, such as pictures you saw on the template online, until you add your own photos to display. 

For more information on digital signage, contact the Digital Signage team.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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