Map a Shared/Network Drive for MiWorkspace Windows


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Need to map a MiWorkspace Drive 


  1. Find the full path for the drive you want to map
    • Universal Home Directory (UHD)
      • Drive letter = U:
      • Path = \\umroot\home\uniqname\Documents
    • Unit Drive
      • Drive letter may be determined by the department to be specific
      • Path will be specific to your department
        • If you do not already know your path name
          • Ask a colleague
          • Ask desktop support staff in your department
        • If you are not seeing the drives you expect, Contact the ITS Service Center
  2. Map the drive
    1. Press the Windows Key + E on your computer keyboard
    2. Select "This PC" from the list on the left
    3. Click the Computer tab at the top of the window
    4. Choose "Map Network Drive"
    5. Map the drive
      1. Choose the drive letter you wish to use from the dropdown menu
      2. Enter the full path name of the drive to map
      3. You may also use the Browse button to find the drive you need on the network

Note: Windows path names use back slashes (\)

Additional Information

Personal computers will need to install and connect the UMVPN before attempting to map the drive.

Administrative and Academic units within the MiWorkspace service use shared drives to store and share information within the department or unit.

  • The U: drive is intended for work-related or personal data that is not shared with others
    • Note: Some units may still have their unit drives serve this purpose
  • Within the U: drive, you can find a Personal and Private folder for items that will not be scanned for sensitive data
  • Any data outside this folder is subject to scanning
  • These drives are automatically mapped based upon user affiliation and/or machine build

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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