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How to I decide which campus UMVPN option to use from a MiWorkspace managed machine?

NOTE:  MiWorkspace Windows and Windows PaaS devices will automatically use the Cisco AnyConnect Management Tunnel; There is no need to manually connect to the VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect client. Refer to Cisco AnyConnect Management Tunnel for more information.


There may be several VPN options available to MiWorkspace customers who use the Cisco AnyConnect client to connect to the campus UMVPN. The list below will help you determine which connection profile to use:

  • UMVPN - All Traffic:  Use when you want to use DUO and have all of your internet traffic routed through U-M's VPN
  • UMVPN - Only U-M Traffic: Use when you want to use DUO and have only U-M internet traffic route through U-M's VPN
  • UMHS SSL VPN: You need to access MiChart (if not using VPlaces) or HITS/MichMed files/storage [Requires DUO]
    • Note: this VPN will allow access to MiW/Mainstream storage if connection originates on campus. If it's off campus, MiW/Mainstream storage access will not work
  • VPN-remote-ITS_Special_Develop: You are an ITS Staff member who requires access to a system that relies on the special developer VPN

Additional Information

UMVPN options from a MiWorkspace Mac using Cisco AnyConnect:

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client pop-up. VPN: Ready to connect dropdown box with VPN options.

UMVPN options from a MiWorkspace Windows machine using Cisco AnyConnect:

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client popup. Dropdown list shows VPN options.

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