Computer system hardware platform (managed or unmanaged) and network connectivity

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BeyondTrust (Bomgar): Self-Install the Representative Console for

This article provides instructions for self-installing the BeyondTrust (Bomgar) Representative Console.

Campus Computing Sites Availability

Just an article to point people to the Campus Computing Sites Interactive Map

Can't Use Software on Sites / Virtual Sites Computer

What to do if you get an error message about key server not being able to grant permission to run a program

Change Default Application for File Extensions on a Mac

How to change the default application that opens files with a specific file extension, e.g., open all .csv files in Microsoft Excel.

Domain Name System (DNS) Policy Status

Domain Name System Policy Status

Download and Install PuTTY

How to download and install PuTTY

Google Sites: Sharing Settings

How to set Google Sites sharing settings.

Install WordPress CMS in an AFS-Based Virtual Host

Commands to install WordPress on an AFS-based virtual host

MiWorkspace Campus UMVPN Options

Determining which UMVPN option to use from a MiWorkspace managed machine.

MiWorkspace Supported Hardware for Windows 11

List of currently supported MiWorkspace hardware models and their potential to support Windows 11.

Notifications Not Working in Chrome, Other Programs on MacOS

Updates to Mac OS or Google Chrome could result in losing Notification popups for Google Chrome (calendar, reminders, etc.)

Updating ITS Web Hosting WordPress Sites Within the WP Dashboard

Installing the ssh-sftp-updater-support plugin in an AFS-based WordPress site