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Allow Pop-Up Windows in Multiple Browsers

This article links to other knowledge base articles about allowing pop-up windows in browsers.

Automatically Issue and Renew InCommon Certificates via Certbot (ACME) Without a Web Server or Domain Control Validation (DCV)

Describes how to use certbot and ACME with the InCommon Certificate Service to automatically obtain and renew TLS/SSL certificates without needing to run a web server on the machine obtaining the certificate, and without needing perform Domain Control Validation.

BeyondTrust (Bomgar): Self-Install the Representative Console

This article provides instructions for self-installing the BeyondTrust (Bomgar) Representative Console.

Campus Computing Sites Availability

Just an article to point people to the Campus Computing Sites Interactive Map

Can’t Update WordPress From the WordPress Dashboard (ITS Web Virtual Hosting Only)

AFS-based WordPress websites that use the SSH SFTP Updater Support plugin for WordPress may fail to update, instead repeatedly prompting the website owner for their username and password. To fix this issue, make sure the value of the Hostname field is set to (note the ".web" part of the name).

Can't Upload Files to Dropbox via Dragging and Dropping

How to go about fixing issue where you can't drag and drop files into Dropbox

Can't Use Software on Sites / Virtual Sites Computer

What to do if you get an error message about key server not being able to grant permission to run a program

Change Default Application for File Extensions on a Mac

How to change the default application that opens files with a specific file extension, e.g., open all .csv files in Microsoft Excel.

Configure WordPress Site to Restrict Access Using OIDC Logins and MCommunity Groups

How to configure a WordPress website to restrict access to the whole site or only certain parts based on OpenID Connect (OIDC) login and MCommunity group membership information.

Dell WD19S Dock Compatibility

Summary of what MiWorkspace supported laptops work or don't work with the Dell WD19S dock

Dell WD19TBS Dock Compatibility

Explains which MiWorkspace supported laptops work or do not work with the Dell WD19TBS dock station

Dell WD22TB4 Dock Compatibility

Explains the compatibility of the Dell WD22TB4 dock with MiWorkspace supported laptops

Download and Install PuTTY

How to download and install PuTTY

Google Sites: Sharing Settings

How to set Google Sites sharing settings.

HP Thunderbolt Gen 2 120W Dock Compatibility

Explains the features of the HP TB G2 120W Dock and its compatibility and limitations with current MiWorkspace supported PC and Mac laptop models.

HP Thunderbolt Gen 2 230W Dock Compatibility

Dock Compatibility for the HP Gen 2 230W Dock when using MiWorkspace supported laptops

Install and Configure OpenID Connect (OIDC) Client for WordPress in an AFS-based Virtual Host

Procedure to install and configure OpenID Connect (OIDC) client WordPress plugin in AFS-based virtual host environment

Install WordPress CMS in an AFS-Based Virtual Host

Commands to install WordPress on an AFS-based virtual host

Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Gen 2 (TB3G2) Dock Compatibility

Explains the combability of the Lenovo TB3 Gen 2 dock with MiWorkspace supported laptops

Lenovo Universal Thunderbolt 4 (TB4) Dock Compatibility

Explains the compatibility of the Lenovo Universal Thunderbolt 4 dock with MiWorkspace supported laptops

Lenovo USB-C Dock Compatibility

Explains the compatibility of the Lenovo USB-C dock with MiWorkspace support laptops

Logging In to Campus Computing Site Macs

A brief overview of the new login process for Mac computers in Campus Computing Sites. Also includes information about the "Please wait..." screen preventing users from logging in.

Microsoft Teams on MiWorkspace and Platform-as-a-Service Managed Windows Computers

Info about the various Microsoft Teams applications & icons that MiW and PaaS Windows customers may see.

MiWorkspace Campus UMVPN Options

Determining which UMVPN option to use from a MiWorkspace managed machine.

MiWorkspace Supported Hardware for Windows 11

List of currently supported MiWorkspace hardware models and their potential to support Windows 11.

MiWorkspace Supported USB Ethernet Adapters for Building Windows Computers

MiWorkspace supported Ethernet adapters for building machines.

MiWorkspace Windows Office 365 ProPlus Deployment and Microsoft Project and Visio

How do existing installs of Visio or Project affect the installation of Office 365 ProPlus on MiWorkspace WIndows devices?

Notifications Not Working in Chrome, Other Programs on MacOS

Updates to Mac OS or Google Chrome could result in losing Notification popups for Google Chrome (calendar, reminders, etc.)

Purchase Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Credit

This article will help you request a quote for, and purchase Apple Volume Purchase Program credit from CDW-G for use with the Izzy for iOS Service and JamfPro.

Recommended Docking Stations for Use with MiWorkspace Supported Laptops

A summary article for linking together the knowledgebase articles that explain which MiWorkspace supported laptops work with each of the MiWorkspace supported docks from HP, Dell, and Lenovo

Shared Service Center Document Scanning Service

Article about Scanning Service offered by Shared Services

Updating ITS Web Hosting WordPress Sites Within the WP Dashboard

Installing the ssh-sftp-updater-support plugin in an AFS-based WordPress site

Updating ITS-hosted Website Using CI/CD (GitHub Actions, GitLab, BitBucket, Jenkins, or Script) No Longer Working

If you need automatic website updates from off-campus systems (such as GitHub or Bitbucket), set up a sponsored uniqname that does not require Duo for managing website files using the instructions at Older methods no longer work.