Mac Computer Print Jobs Paused at Hold for Authentication


MiWorkspace, MPrint as a Service


"Hold for authentication" appears for print jobs in local queue on Mac computer



  1. Search for Keychain Access on the Mac and open it
  2. Select Login under the Keychains heading on the left
  3. In the search box in the upper right corner, search for some part of the name of the printer. For example, if the printer is 3386 North Quad, you can search for "3386" or "North" and you should get the keychain for that printer
    1. Or if you're using the Follow Me feature, you can search for "follow" and you should get a list of entries.
  4. Click the keychain, click the Edit menu at the top of the window, and click Delete
  5. Now, print to the printer again.  It should prompt you for the login information.  Enter your credentials as follows:
    • For user type: UMROOT\uniqname
    • For the password: type in UMICH (Level-1)
  6. Check the box to save the new password to the Keychain. 

If printing still isn't working after this, it's an indication that user or password was typed incorrectly, or that the password is out of sync. You can usually fix it by changing your password.

Additional Information

If there is nothing in the Keychain, try resuming the print job that has produced the Hold for Authentication message.  This might trigger the authentication window where the umich password should be entered, and the Save to Keychain box should be checked.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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