Solution: MacOS HP Printer Driver Error "HPxyz.framework" will damage your computer


Personal and non-MiWorkspace Mac computers, HP printers


After a MacOS update, Mac computers cannot print to campus HP printers.  Mac computers may see the error "HPxyz.framework" will damage your computer.


NOTE: if your computer is University owned and managed by your Unit/Department, please contact the appropriate IT before performing these steps.
  1. Uninstall the current HP driver using these instructions: 
    1. Download HP
    2. Double-click HP Uninstaller Icon
    3. Double-click HP Uninstaller app
    4. If requested, click Open
    5. Follow on-screen instructions to uninstall all HP software from the computer
    6. If you are prompted, enter your computer User Name and Password
    7. Close the HP Uninstaller app when complete
  2. Install the new Apple HP driver:
    1. For on-campus printers, install the new Apple HP driver (general) at this link:
    2. For personal HP printers, find your HP driver at this link:

Additional Information

HP Support full instructions for uninstalling MacOS HP printer drivers:

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