Windows 11: What's New


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What's new in Windows 11?


Windows 11 is the most recent version of Microsoft’s Operating Systems for desktops and laptops. Windows 11 is very similar to Windows 10, but the most noticeable differences are found in the appearance, accessibility improvements, and faster performance.

Changes in Appearance and a Combination of Common Items

  • The Start Button is in the middle (but you move it back to the left if you prefer)
  • The Start Menu is organized by icons and navigated by searching instead of a top down list
  • Applications appear as icons in the Taskbar instead of rectangular windows and all additional instances are groups within the one icon.
  • Windows Explorer has more colorful folders and uses tabs if you open it more than once.
  • New feature of Snap Groups and Snap Layouts
    • Organize apps and windows more efficiently by grouping them together -- similar to how apps are grouped on Android and Apple phones and tablets.
  • Other General Changes
    • Rounded corners on forms
    • More interactive widgets for news, weather, maps, photos, and music
    • Managing the volume, network, and battery settings have been moved into a single control menu. Clicking one of these icons opens the control menu for all of them.

More Accessibility Features

  • Windows + U key combination to get to all accessibility features
  • Improved built-in natural narrator and comprehensive voice typing and command system
  • Live captions - enable captions for incoming audio or video
  • New features and improved support for pen, and stylus devices for touch screens
  • More and customizable touchpad gestures supported

Feature and Performance Improvements

  • Faster screen unlock and wake from sleep
  • Optimization of the system apps in the background and providing longer battery life
  • Better docking experience - when you disconnect from the dock to leave apps are minimized when their current monitor disappears, but when you reconnect, Windows 11 remembers where you had those windows.
  • Better use of newer processors
  • Run Android applications through integration with the Amazon App store
  • Off campus computers use an always on VPN connection for faster and more convenient access to most campus resources, greatly reducing the need to launch the Cisco VPN.

New Recycling Bin behaviors & options

  • The Recycling Bin may auto-delete items in the trash.
  • The deletion behavior can depend on the age of the files or the size of the hard-drive.
  • The settings can be changed by customers without admin access.

Additional Information

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