MiWorkspace BIOS, Driver, and Firmware Update in Software Center


MiWorkspace/Platform as a Service Windows


BIOS, drivers, or firmware are out-of-date or malfunctioning on a MiWorkspace supported computer


The BIOS, Driver, and Firmware Update tool allows customers to install the latest supported versions of these updates for their certified Windows devices.  

  • This process can take more than 60 minutes to complete, but times will vary based on required updates, package sizes, computer performance, and network bandwidth.  
  • All MiWorkspace-certified, currently supported models will be able to run this update.  
  • This update process supports both Windows 10 and 11 operating systems and should run properly in both environments.  
  • You should not power your computer off at any point during the update process as this could lead to corrupted drivers and/or non-functional hardware.  


  1. You will be presented with information dialog boxes much like the Windows in-place upgrade process. The update will display in Software Center as follows:MWS BIOS Driver Firmware Update screen with the Install Button
  2. Once the pre-flight checks are complete and you click to continue, the updates will begin and the computer will restart multiple times during the process.MiWorkspace BIOS, Driver, and Firmware Update progress window with reminders to save all files, plug in computer, and do not turn off during processBIOS, Driver, and Firmware Update progress window with "all checks completed successfully, click to continue" at bottom with red x and green check
  3. The computer’s lock screen will change to reflect that an update is ongoing, but will be reset to remove this information once updates are complete. You should not log in to the machine as long as the update wallpaper is in place. Once it has been removed, it is safe for you to log in.Black BIOS and updates are installing screen. Reminding user not to log in until done.

Additional Information

  • Along with the computer itself receiving updates, some docking station models will also receive firmware updates as part of this process.  Be sure to attach a docking station before clicking the install button to ensure that it's firmware is updated during the process if supported.  

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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