Updating ITS-hosted Website Using CI/CD (GitHub Actions, GitLab, BitBucket, Jenkins, or Script) No Longer Working


Websites hosted by ITS Web Hosting in AFS that use external CI/CD scripts (such as GitHub Actions) to update the website and its content.


An external CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) script such as GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, BitBucket, or Jenkins that was previously working no longer works in order to update a website hosted by ITS Web Hosting in AFS.  Website owners may receive an "login failed", "incorrect username or password", or "exhausted all available authentication methods" error from the CI/CD script. 


Due to more university systems requiring Duo, CI/CD scripts that use the servers cheerleading.dsc.umich.edu, login.itd.umich.edu, and sftp.itd.umich.edu no longer work. 

Refer to Set up CI/CD or Other Automatic Updates Without Duo for AFS-Based Websites for how to set up a special sponsored uniqname that can be used worldwide with both SSH and SFTP and without Duo for automating updates to AFS-based websites. 

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For further assistance, contact webmaster@umich.edu.

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