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How to configure a WordPress website to restrict access to the whole site or only certain parts based on OpenID Connect (OIDC) login and MCommunity group membership information.
Procedure to install and configure OpenID Connect (OIDC) client WordPress plugin in AFS-based virtual host environment
People cannot log in to via SFTP despite having an AFS home directory and using the correct username and password, but they are able to log in using SSH. The SFTP client they are using may not support keyboard-interactive authentication, which is required for Duo. Switch to another SFTP client instead (such as Cyberduck) or use the SFTP server from a university network or the U-M VPN.
Procedure to set up automatic updates of AFS-based websites using CI/CD (including GitHub Actions) or other mechanisms without needing to use Duo for multifactor authentication.
People cannot log in to using SSH or SFTP. has been permanently shut down and replaced by Log in to instead.
A list of the differences between SSH and SFTP servers that are available for accessing and managing files stored in AFS.
If you need automatic website updates from off-campus systems (such as GitHub or Bitbucket), set up a sponsored uniqname that does not require Duo for managing website files using the instructions at Older methods no longer work.
AFS-based WordPress websites that use the SSH SFTP Updater Support plugin for WordPress may fail to update, instead repeatedly prompting the website owner for their username and password. To fix this issue, make sure the value of the Hostname field is set to (note the ".web" part of the name).