Use the MiWorkspace Helper App for Quick Access to Helpful Features




How to use the MiWorkspace "Helper App" on MiWorkspace managed machines


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Click on the block M located in the task bar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) to access:

  • Your computer’s name and operating system version
  • Troubleshooting – Basic diagnostic information (Windows only)
  • Stay Awake – Presentation mode to stop your device from locking for eight hours
  • Reconnect Network Drives (Windows only)
  • Lock Screen
  • MiWorkspace Resources – Support for help with your device or service
  • ITS Service Status Page – Information on downtime, upgrades, and planned changes
  • Chat 4-HELP – Chat with an ITS Service Center representative
  • MPrint Printer Installer
  • Software Center (Windows) / Managed Software Center (Mac) – Download and install new software and updates

Additional Information

 You may choose to pin the Helper App to your Windows taskbar for easy use in the future.

  1. Right-click the taskbar
  2. Click Settings
  3. On the left, click Taskbar
  4. In the Notification Area, click “select which icons appear on the taskbar”
  5. Locate the MiWorkspace Helper App in the list and select “on”
  6. Close the taskbar settings

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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