MWS: Prestaging a Windows 10 Computer to Build with Microsoft Office 2016


MiWorkspace Windows 10


When you prestage a machine with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365 is the default Office version for all builds. In some situations, Office 2016 may be specifically requested for a new build.

Note: This process is only for Windows 10 builds and should not be done with Windows 11 under any circumstances.


Follow these instructions to build a Windows 10 computer with Microsoft Office 2016.

  1.  Prestage the machine in Otto
    • The prestage takes anywhere from 20-30 seconds.  
    • Otto will show an animated activity bar while the prestage runs.  When it's complete, you'll see the "Last Prestaged" time stamp updated with the current date & time.
  2.  In Actions, Select Packages and Configurations
    Otto Actions with list of options, Packages and Configurations is the third from the top
  3.  Remove Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus from the machine's Package Selections
    To the right of the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus link, click Remove
  4.  Add Microsoft Office 2016 Proplus to the machine's Package Selections
    To the right of the Microsoft Office 2016 ProPlus link, click Add
  5.  Build the Machine
    • Microsoft Office 2016 will be installed during the build process

Additional Information

  • Office 2016 is only available for MiWorkspace Windows machines running on Windows 10.  Windows 11 machines CANNOT run Office 2016 in MiWorkspace.
  • Other Windows applications have dependencies upon the specific version of Office that is installed.  If a customer reverts from Office 365 to Office 2016, that change will also impact the version of Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and the SAP BPC Add-in.  There may be other add-ons or plug-ins installed by the customer that can also be affected.
  • If the machine is prestaged for a 64-bit title (e.g., Visio 64-bit, Project 64-bit, or the SAP BPC Add-in 64-bit) you will also need to change the version of that title to the 32-bit version using the same method as changing the prestaging from 365 to 2016.
  • Regarding Visio or Project, for Office 2016 the version will need to be changed to the corresponding 2016 non-C2R version:
    Visio Pro 2016
    Project Pro 2016
    Project Standard 2016
    Visio Pro 2016
    There is no Visio Standard 2016 non-C2R package available.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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