Student Business and New & Prospective Student Business (NPSB) Not Loading, Loading Slowly, or Pages Improperly Displayed


Wolverine Access

  • Student Business
  • New & Prospective Student Business


Student Business

Attempting to access Student Business results in page content being displayed improperly or incompletely, pages loading slowly, and/or pages not loading and sometimes resulting in a “bad request” error message.

New & Prospective Student Business

Applicants when verifying their identity with Friend Account to Wolverine Access / M-Pathways will get to the page with Emplid and Date of Birth.  However, the page branding will not render and the verify button will not function correctly.


It is believed the issue is related to the network, router, and/or internet service provider from which access is being attempted. 

  • Try to access Student Business and/or New & Prospective Student Business while connected to a different network, router, and/or internet service provider, such as...
    • on a smartphone with WiFi turned on but connected to a personal/private network (includes personal hotspots), router, and/or internet service provider.

    • on a smartphone with WiFi turned off and mobile data turned on.

    • on a smartphone with WiFi turned on but connected to a public network, router, and/or internet service provider.

    • on a VPN connection.

      • Eligible students, faculty, & staff can download and connect to the U-M VPN (see Install and Use the U-M VPN and Eligibility for U-M VPN).

      • The U-M VPN solution is not available to Applicants.  Instead, applicants must find and use another VPN solution (U-M does not have recommendations on the use of specific VPNs).

      • Some locales impose internet censorship, which may be the cause of the issue.  Most cases like this seem to be from Nigeria.  If so, the only resolution is to connect via VPN through a non-censored locale. 

  • If you are trying to access the site via a bookmark, try typing in the URL directly or updating the bookmark.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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