Accessing U-M Library Resources


University of Michigan Library resources and services - dissertations; articles; newspapers; journals; books; and other content

Applies for:

  • Faculty, staff, and students
  • Alumni and retirees
  • Sponsored affiliates
  • Members of the public, not affiliated with University of Michigan


  • How can I access University of Michigan Library resources and services?
  • Online journals are not providing me (or my computer) the access I expect


  • U-M Library access is managed by the University Library
  • For information on access, start at the U-M Library website at:
  • For additional questions and expert advice, inquire via the Ask a Librarian service at:, or (734) 764-9373. The librarians provide expert assistance with a wide range of library services and resources

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance regarding library services? Ask a Librarian.

Need additional information or assistance on technology? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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