Saving Files When Using Campus Computing or Virtual Sites / Configuring Kumo




How to configure Kumo to store and access data on Campus Computing and Virtual Sites.



Files stored in U-M Dropbox, U-M Google Drive, and OneDrive are available on Campus Computing Sites Windows computers and Virtual Sites as network drives using Kumo software. Once you authorize your cloud storage accounts (U-M Dropbox, U-M Google Drive, and OneDrive), they’ll show up as a network drive in any Virtual Sites session.

Configure Kumo

  1. Open the Kumo website
  2. Click Login to sign in to Kumo
    • If you are logged in to your browser with your uniqname and UMICH password, Kumo will pass through the authentication
    • If you are not logged in with your UMICH password, you will need to log out and use an incognito or private browser to log in with your UMICH name and  password 
    • Note For U-M Google Drive, you may have to enter your email address before Kumo will prompt you to allow authorization
  3. Authorize each cloud service by clicking the dropdown to open the cloud service details and then clicking Authorize
  4. The cloud service will prompt you to sign in or select your account
  5. Once authorized Kumo will display a green check near the cloud service indicating that it is successfully authorized
    • If the check is not displayed you may need to attempt to authorize once again
  6. If desired, you can remove Kumo's access to cloud services by clicking the Deauthorize button

Additional Information

You only need to authorize once. The next time you sign into Virtual Sites you will see those cloud storage options appear as network drives under the "This PC" icon.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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