Digital Signage - Ongoing Departmental Responsibilities


Digital signage


Units are responsible for maintaining their digital signs.


When adding digital signage to your department, there are several layers of ongoing operational responsibilities:

  • Financial 
    • Assign a shortcode for paying the monthly service charge
    • Budgeting for hardware refreshes (typical life span of a standard TV and a content player PC is 4-6 years)
  • Content management
    • Each department must assign a staff member the role of content manager
      • This role has several responsibilities:
        • Creating, curating, and coordinating content for the sign to display
        • Being the point of contact for the ITS Digital Signage team
    • We recommend assigning and training at least one back up content manager to cover vacations etc.
  • Daily operations
    • Each department should be comfortable checking basic issues, including power and cable connections
      • Is the PC on?
      • Is the TV on? Is it on the right input?
      • Are all cables plugged in?
  • Sign owner
    • This role is the decision maker about the sign
      • This is often the head administrator of a department
      • Decides who can and will be added as content manager

Additional Information

The ITS Digital Signage team provides Tier 2 technical support for all signs on the network. If there is an issue where your department finds themselves out of their depth, there is a help request form available. 

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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