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A breakdown of the guidelines for approval of all submissions to the Digital Signage Image Feed
A break down of how someone can add and edit a pre-made sign template. This is useful so they can get content onto their digital sign before they have made their own template.
An in depth how-to about adding the Community Image Feed to a user's signs. This is a great way to integrate new an interesting content onto signs with minimal work.
An overview of how to add individual images a user has selected from the Community Content Feed to their signs instead of adding the application
How the Digital Signage Content Feed works
A brief overview of the uses cases departments have for digital signage.
A description of the necessary considerations when departments are deciding where to place their digital signs.
An overview of which departments need to be involved when a unit is considering installing new digital signs.
An in-depth break down of the continual responsibilities departments need to know about before adding digital signs.
A breakdown of how to add a playlist to your sign or signs. A playlist can be a timesaving tool that allows you to apply the same content across multiple signs more efficiently.
The Network Monitor can be used to take a screenshot of the content that is currently scheduled on digital signs.