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Digital Signage


An overview of the variety of departments someone can expect to involve during the installation of digital signs.


Before digital signage can be implemented, a department needs to consider several different aspects of the physical installation of those signs. We recommend you read through this list and begin contacting the services you will need or compiling a list of questions you have and the Digital Signage team can help direct you to the people and departments who need to be involved.


  • Power to your signs location
  • Data
    • For new Ethernet drops, contact ITS - Infrastructure 
    • Because player PCs are often located behind walls and typically not near access points, wireless data is not supported on digital signs
      • Signs need a hard wired ethernet connection available to them


  • Installing the mount on the wall
    • Consider talking to your local facilities or maintenance tech
    • ITS - Infrastructure may be a possible vendor for hardware installation, depending on your building's policy.
  • Attaching the television to the mount


Different units handle these responsibilities through a variety of processes. If you are under one of the following umbrella organizations, please contact them to ask for their advice and requirements regarding your sign:

Additional Information

If you are not sure of your department's affiliation, contact the Digital Signage team at for help determining other departments you will need to involve. 

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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