Schedule Displays - Installation Best Practices


 Schedule Displays


Installation considerations for Schedule displays.


Please consult and follow the U-M AEC design guidelines for Digital Signage. Following are some recommendations to help with a basic installation.

Units are responsible for the installation of all purchased U-M Schedule Display hardware. Most units will pursue installation solutions with unit IT, unit audiovisual services, or Facilities and Operations (F&O).

  • Schedule Display panels use Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections to provide their network and power supply
    • Have your department's IT or facilities team check to ensure you have a PoE capable switch installed in your network closet
      • If not, you can purchase a PoE injector from the Tech Shop to provide the necessary power to your panel(s)
  • Each room that will have a Schedule Display needs to have a resource calendar to associate with the display
    • To create a resource calendar follow the instructions found here
    • Once you have the resource calendar created you can find the necessary Calendar ID by following the instructions here
      • The process of associating the ID with the panel will be done by the Tech Shop team upon receipt of your order, but you will need to provide the room's ID
  • VLAN Conderations
    • The panels need to be on a VLAN with DHCP
    • The devices need to be on a network with outbound access
    • All inbound access from the public internet should be restricted

For physical mounting of display or project management:

For network jack install: 

  • Check internally within your unit
    • Some of this may be performed by a unit's A/V, Facilities, IT, or other group
  • Consider contacting ITCom:

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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