Paycheck Doesn't Open as PDF - Cannot Print Paycheck


Employee Self Service, Wolverine Access (HCMProd)


  • Trying to open a paycheck in Employee Self Service, but instead of a PDF opening in a new tab/window, the paycheck opens on the same page and is strangely formatted
  • Clicking a paycheck does nothing - stuck on Paychecks page
  • May encounter a pop-up message stating: "The default view displays Paychecks based on pre-applied filters. Modify the filters to view a different set of paychecks."


This behavior generally indicates Screen Reader Mode is on. Use the following steps to check and turn Screen Reader Mode off:

  1. From the Employee Self Service homepage, click the 3 vertical dots towards the top-right (Actions list)
  2. Click My Preferences
  3. Under the General Options section, click the drop-down menu for Accessibility Layout
    • If you are not seeing Accessibility Layout listed, click the arrow to the left of General Options to expand this section
  4. Select Screen reader mode off
  5. Click the Save button towards the top-right
  6. Clear your browser cache (see our article about clearing cache and cookies for instructions)
  7. After clearing the cache, close all browser windows
  8. Open a new browser and try opening a paycheck like normal again

Additional Information

See the Attachments section on this article for reference images of how the paycheck appears with and without Screen Reader mode.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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