Get Help with Printers or Other Hardware at Campus Computing Sites


University of Michigan Campus Computing Sites


Help for people using computers or printers at one of the ITS Campus Computing Sites


  • Contact the ITS Service Center
  • Be sure to include
    • Description of the problem
      • For example: needs paper, or printer jam, or rejecting login
    • Sites location
      • For example: Fishbowl or Bates 2
    • Name of the hardware needing service
      • For example: Printer 1 or Computer AH124

 You can also submit a web request at

Additional Information

Support Staff will respond as quickly as possible. If you need faster turnaround, please visit another computing site to ensure that your paper will be printed in time. The Angell Hall/Fishbowl location has staff on site who can help you as well.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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