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How to use MPrint printing at the University of Michigan. 


Printing is available at many Campus Computing (also known as Sites) locations across campus via MPrint. Everyone is welcome to print at Campus Computing locations. With MPrint, you can either send your print job to a specific printer or send your print job to a virtual queue, called Follow Me, so that you can pick it up at any printer within 24 hours.

How to Print

  1. Find a printing location using either of these resources:
  2. Decide which of the following four methods you will use to print your file
    1. Use the MPrint Mobile App
    2. Install & print to Follow Me on your computer
      1. To use Follow Me, select "Follow Me" as your print destination
    3. Print from any Campus Computing location using an onsite computer
    4. Upload file to
  3. Send the file to the printer
    1. Select the desired printer destination on the computer 
    2. Select the files you want to print or drag the file where specified
    3. Either press submit or generate a preview version to make sure you are printing the correct version
  4. Release the file
    1. Release using the MPrint Mobile App
    2. Swipe your MCard at the printer or log into the printing station
    3. Release from
      1. If you can't find the file, make sure you are logged in properly 

Printing allocations and charges

  • Students receive a printing allocation of $24.00 per semester and faculty/staff receive $3/term
  • To check your balance, go to
    • This details your recent print jobs, remaining credits, summary, transaction history, and pending print jobs
      • You must be on either the UM VPN, MWireless, Eduroam, or MGuest to view the website above. If you are not, it will not load
  • Specific information can be found here: Printing Allocations and Charges 

Additional Information

For more on printing at the University, you can visit

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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