Print Using Campus Computing (MPrint)


MPrint, Campus Computing Sites


The student needs to know the exact process of how to print for the University. 


  • The student must first find a printing location which they can do at either of the website listed below this bulletin.
  • After finding a convenient printing location, the customer will then navigate to
    • From there, the customer will select the desired printer destination
    • They will then select the files they want to be printed or they can easily drag the file where specified
    • They can either press submit or generate a preview version to make sure they are printing the correct version
  • To release their prints, they can either swipe their MCard at the printer they wish to release from or they can navigate to and the print job should be found there. If it isn't, make sure that the student is logged in properly. 
  • Students receive an allocation of $24.00 per semester will employees receive. To check your balance, you can go to
    • The website above details a student's recent print jobs, remaining credits, summary, transaction history, and pending print jobs.
      • You must be on either the UM VPN, MWireless, Eduroam, or MGuest to view the website above. If you are not, it will not load. 
  • The same steps listed above can be followed by faculty; although, faculty receives a $3.00 allocation and should contact their department to ask for any alternatives/shortcode. 
  • Sponsored affiliates DO NOT receive a Mprint allocation. They can also contact their department to ask for any alternatives/shortcode. 
  • For more support, you can visit 

Additional Information

For additional questions/concerns about printing, you can contact the ITS Help Desk at 734-764-HELP (4357), Prompt 1, for further support


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