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A Workspace Admin or member of a Slack workspace is asking about the rules for inviting others to a workspace.


By default, Workspace Admins and current members can invite Full Members. However, only Workspace Admins can invite Single-Channel Guests into their Workspaces (and not Multi-Channel Guests, as they aren't allowed in U-M Slack).

The default behavior for inviting Full Members can be changed by the Workspace Admin to prevent current members from inviting additional Full Members to the workspace.

Change Who Can Invite Members to a Workspace

Note: Only Workspace Admins can adjust this setting.

  1. Click your workspace name in the top left of your Slack desktop app
  2. Select Settings & administration from the drop-down menu, and then click Workspace settings
  3. Click the Permissions tab
  4. Click Expand next to Invitations
  5. Check (or uncheck) the box next to Require admin approval
    • If checked, only Workspace Admins will be able to invite members and guests
    • If unchecked, Admins and current members will be able to invite members
    • Only Admins will be able to invite guests
  6. If box is checked in step 5: Under the section "Send invitation requests to..." select "All admins, via Slackbot"; however note that all invitation requests will be blocked and will not reach Admins
  7. Click Save

Expected behavior when "Require admin approval" is CHECKED

  • Only Workspace Admins can invite Full Members or Single-Channel Guests
  • If a current member tries to invite a Full Member or Single-Channel Guest, they will receive the following message:

"Hello! Please ask a Workspace Admin to invite [EMAIL]; this workspace requires administrator approval. You can contact the Workspace Admins by using @admins in any channel."

  • No one can invite Multi-Channel Guests

Expected behavior when "Require admin approval" is UNCHECKED

  • Workspace Admins and current members can invite Full Members to the workspace
  • Only Workspace Admins can invite Single-Channel Guests. Single-Channel Guests must be invited with a non-UMICH email address
  • No one can invite multi-channel guests

Learn more about inviting members and guests to a U-M Slack Workspace or Channel.

Additional Information

For more information, the Slack Help Center provides documentation for managing permissions and inviting members.

Need additional assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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