MPrint: Upload a Print Job Using an iOS Phone




How to upload a print job using an iOS (iPhone, iPad) device.


The steps below demonstrate how to upload documents to Follow Me from the Google Docs app. Different apps may behave differently. For example, you will need to tap “Open In” instead of “Share & Export” when using Google Drive.

  1. Download the MPrint App from the Apple App Store 
    1. Open the MPrint App
      • On first use, launch the MPrint App and login with your uniqname and (Level-1) password
    2. You will need to stay logged into the MPrint App to print to Follow Me
    3. Printing to Follow Me will only be available after you've created a PDF
  2. At your Home screen, find and select Google Docs or whichever app you choose to print from
  3. After opening the document, tap More
  4. Tap Share & Export
  5. Tap Send a copy
  6. Choose PDF Format and tap OK
  7. Enable MPrint Follow Me and select Done
    1. You will only have to perform this step once
    2. You may have to select the More icon to see this option
  8. On the bottom row, scroll over, and select MPrint Follow Me
  9. The print settings menu will automatically open
    1. Choose your specifications and select Print

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.