Can't Find Someone in U-M Slack


U-M Slack


I am trying to invite a person to a channel / direct message a person / etc in U-M Slack, but I cannot find the person when searching.


In order for you to be able to find another person in U-M Slack, the other person needs to have completed BOTH of the following tasks:

  • Logged in at least once to U-M Slack at
  • Joined at least one workspace that you are a member of (for example, if you are both in Maize & Blue, this will suffice)

Additional Information

The most common reason that you cannot find someone, even if they think they have completed both steps, is that they have only completed the first step and have logged in to U-M Slack, but they have not joined any workspaces.

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Mon 11/29/21 5:40 PM
Mon 11/29/21 7:02 PM